Monday, February 25, 2013

$64??? Really???

Let me see. My blog. And the song in my head right now is Thriftshop. I’m gonna post a blog, got a lotta thoughts goin’ through my noggin…”

It’s a stretch, but I’m still out of Adderall.

So. Here goes. My lease is up on my 603 square foot, curry scented apartment. And my rent is going up $64! They said it would go up like $20, but $64? Do you know what I could do with $64? I could buy like 60 things at the Dollar Store (gotta remember tax), two tanks of gas, like 12 pay-per-view sexy time movies if I watched them, 27 or so Crayola hair extension sets from WalMart, maybe 55 songs on iTunes, 15 bags of 6 ounce pistachio packets on sale at WalMart for $3.98, 100 small Reeses Peanut Butter cups, 130 cucumbers at Sprouts…I could go on if you’d like. $64! That’s a lot of dang money. My apartment hasn’t gotten bigger, it still stinks, I don’t have roaches…THANK GOD…people still park where they’re not supposed to while I pay for parking. I’m gonna start leaving notes n the cars because it’s the same dang cars in the same dang spots. And either they are too stupid to know that the lines on the space mean Don’t park here because it’s the ramp for wheelchairs, OR they’re just too damn lazy to walk an extra 30 feet. I’m gonna make a video of the distance I walk to get to the spots I pay for versus the illegal spots I could park in so you can see why it ticks me off as much as it does. Maybe tomorrow when it’s not freezing outside.

My lesbian card was revoked this week. Sallye Wilton is a lawyer lady who said that I am no longer part of the club because I didn’t go to the Pink concert. I tried to explain to Sallye that I had committed to being the DJ at a cheer banquet that night to make money for things such as my $64/month rent increase. But apparently rich lawyer folks don’t care about my excuses. I don’t have tickets for Kelly Clarkson, either. So what’s gonna happen now that I no longer have a lesbian card to be revoked? I guess we will see.

Does Half Price Books sell the L-Word and it’s always just sold out? Or do they not offer it? I’ve looked and not found it. While I left L-Word-less, I did get some new books. The Portia Di Rossi eating disorder book, Skinny Bitch, Jillian Michaels, and a book called Nasty People that’s supposed to help me learn to deal with the invalidators in my life.

Has anyone ever heard of a snoring cat? Just wondering. 

The left side of the bottom of my nose itches. That means my time of the month is upon me. So watch out, people. A PMSing me is on the loose. Bah humbug.

The MS walk is this Saturday. Apparently I tug at ZERO heartstrings for most. I tried and I failed. At least a few people care enough to contribute and to you guys, I appreciate it.

Shower time. Have a great night. 

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