Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not so motivational motivational thoughts

I have a new DJ email...I thought of it myself AND it was available! YEA!
I want to start DJing again. So email me to come DJ for you. 

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I think that’s been a good thing. I mean I’ve written about 5 blogs, but I’ve not posted them for reasons I will tell you all about in the weeks to come. I just need to form my words correctly.

I was watching the Masters over the weekend and the prodigy that is Jordan Spieth and I said out loud, “I bet that guy is a huge jerk.” I said this not knowing anything about him other than he’s 21, just won the Masters, is the 2nd best in the world, and was raised as a rich kid. I’ve thought about my words every day since and I’m sick to my stomach about what an ass I am.

I had no right to say a word about Jordan because I know nothing about him. Come to find out, he says that his special needs sister inspires him. He’s supposed to be totally down to earth and shows gratitude for his God given gifts. So, I was wrong, yet I didn’t give the kid a chance because he’s talented and comes from the richest part of town around.

I’m ashamed of that for a lot of reasons. Mostly because of the kids in my life who could have picked up on that had they been around. Luckily, I said it to myself and I’m very careful to keep comments about others to myself in their company (as any adult with common sense should do), but I’m still ashamed. Since Jordan is from this area, I feel like I should apologize and admit to my harsh, judgmental mistake. I was wrong and as a mature person, I feel that it’s my responsibility to admit that.

A long time ago I wrote down a bunch of entries in my IDEA section of a notebook I keep. I was going to make a joke motivational CD. But then as I was sitting there in a serious situation, the jokes became not so funny. So I thought Hmmm. Maybe some of this can help people in some way. Therefore, with the return of my posts, I will share with you some of my entries.

-       GO WITH YOUR GUT. How is this motivational? I have no idea. It’s not, really. Maybe that’s the joke. Anyway, it’s cliché, but it’s true. If I had gone with my gut time and time again, I’d have saved so much time and energy and, honestly, money. My gut has told me many times that a person or situation was wrong, but I was too stupid or stubborn to listen. I’m gonna blame it on the brain tumor. That’s gone now, so no more excuses. Not again. ALWAYS go with your instinct.
-       KEEP A JOURNAL. Again, not motivational, but it is smart. It’s so insanely simple, but it does your mind so much good. Even if you end up writing a page and then burning it in the sink after…write stuff down. Here’s the beauty of your thoughts. No one has to know about them but you. The same goes with what you write. It’s like your brains chance to vomit with a pen. Truly cleansing and you don’t have to put it on someone else’s shoulders or (if you have trust issues), trust anyone else to keep it a secret.
-       PAY FOR STUFF WITH CASH. You get the point. This is not motivational. It’s just crap I’ve learned the hard way. Unless it’s a big buy like a car or a house, pay for it outright. If you can’t afford it, you don’t need it. Have a credit card on standby and use it minimally, but pay it off monthly. Don’t drown in debt because the new iWatch isn’t worth the stress. Or the interest rate on your credit card. I promise you.
-       SOCIAL MEDIA CAN EITHER BE GREAT OR IT CAN BE YOUR WORST ENEMY. USE IT WISELY. It’s beyond me how kids don’t get this by now. They’re so vulgar and stupid and mean on there. Adults are the same way. I can’t believe getting messages from grown adults who are just hateful for no reason. And you know what? I need to do a better job or replying to the nice people. There are way more nice folks out there than jerks and I appreciate all of you. I don’t spend nearly enough time commenting back on the positive messages, so I’m going to make an effort to start doing that. I think it will be good for my soul. If you can take the time to write to me, I can take the time to try and write back Just be patient, please.
-       CONFIDENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES IN A POSITIVE WAY. Arrogance is disgusting. Some might say there’s a fine line, but I don’t think so. I think it’s all in the way you treat others. A confident person is sure in themselves, but isn’t too good to treat others respectfully. They’re willing to give them a chance to prove who they are. Arrogant people, on the other hand, are just assholes. They decide without even knowing you who you are. They don’t give you the time of day. Maybe they’re threatened by you and cover up that weakness with seeming to be arrogant. Putting another person down to make yourself feel better is never a good look. In fact, it’s ignorant.
-       IT’S TRUE. An encounter with another person might just be one little speck in your day, but it could be a huge mark on their life. So treat it as such.
-       LIFE IS SCARY SOMETIMES. Don’t let that fear consume you, though, because you’ll regret it later. If you’re terrified of something, you don’t have to jump in and face it head on. I would never jump into a pool full of spiders. EVER. But I will never sit around and obsess over how much I dislike them, either. There’s too much life to live for that. So get out there and do it.
-       THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH CHASING YOUR DREAMS. Other people may fault you for it, but that’s on them. I’ve been called a snob before. It’s been said that I won’t do anything unless I’m paid to do it. My sister dealt with a lot when she and her husband decided to follow their hearts and move to Hawaii. Here’s the thing. Working for Kidd Kraddick was my dream and I made that dream come true. Kidd didn’t come looking for me. I had to practically call and beg the promotions director to even interview me because I wasn’t old enough to do club gigs when I first started. I did what I had to do, though, and thank God I did. To some I may just be a bragging right and I resent that. I know I’m way more than my role on the KKMS. However, Kidd, Kellie, Al, and now even J-Si have known me for a good part of my life. They’ve seen me at my best and my worst and loved me through it all. I’ve loved them back. I’m not ashamed to admit that Kellie has been and still is my hero. Mr. and Mrs. Rasberry have every reason not to support me because of my lifestyle, but you know what? They see past that. Jerry Rasberry texts to send his love. When Ethan passed away, who was there holding my hand when snot was dripping from my nose to my palm? Kellie Rasberry. Her brother Ryan, was there praying with my sister and me. That is the definition of love. That is family. I would not have that in my life if I hadn’t followed my dream. Kidd Kraddick will always be a legend in this business, but when I look at my cell phone, I will have a text message from him that says “Love U 2 Lady Shan Shan.” Others can fault me for extending my family if they want to, but I’m ok with that. You do what you have to in life, you know?

More to come later. Lots more, in fact. This is a start. I want to get life up and going again because I have a lot of life to live for. I’m starting the DJ thing again and I’m motivated to get my head together, so let’s do this. Blogs helped me so much before, so I’m going to start writing them again. I hope you’ll read and forgive me for dropping the ball. And think about it. What inspires or motivates you? Or what’s your dream? Are you treating other people the way that you would want to teach your kids to treat others? Life is short, people come and go, and regrets can suck. Keep that in mind when you wake up everyday…

Until next time.