Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't make me beg...

I feel pretty dumb right now. All these people stalk my pages and if everyone would put in like $.50, I’d have a crap load of money raised. So, if you have a little bit of extra fundage in the bank and want to help an amazing cause, please check out my donation page and contribute. PULEEZE!!!!!

I’m doing this walk because a good friend of mine’s ex-partner has MS. Together they have a little boy who is absolutely awesome. It sucks that he has to see his mom in the hospital for days at a time. He’s so polite and well rounded and fun to be around. I just want to do my part…which means I need your help…to maybe find a breakthrough in treatment.

With that being said, here’s the link one more time. Just in case you missed it before.

And again. Third time is a charm.

I know that there are some rich people on the Facebook. I also know that rich people don’t get rich by spending money on just whatever, but come on. Please. Here’s a pic of the kiddo I was talking about. I really want this fundraising effort to be successful because he deserves to see his mom feeling good and not in the hospital. You can make it happen. So let’s go.

So I’m DJing a banquet on Friday, so I was putting my music together tonight. There are a couple of must play songs. Macklemore “Thrift Shop” and and Britney “Scream & Shout.” Have you ever listened to these songs and realized how much cussin’ there is? And since the event on Friday is for kids, I needed super clean edits. So I did them myself. They have been checked and double checked and I think I’m good. Look at me going above and beyond to try and get this thing going full speed. Why I’m being a huge link whore, I will just go ahead and give you my DJ email address in case you want to hire me.

And if you accidentally spell my name the way that most do, I also have Website coming soon.

I miss my singing fish. You know the one that had the flapping tail and would sing Mambo #5? I also with I had kept my puppet Pound Puppy. And Pocket Rocker. Did anyone else have a Pocket Rocker? With the Tiffany tape to play in it? Does this make me old?

There is nothing attractive about Constantine Maroulis. And I really don’t like Joel McHale. I’ve got my TV on in the background and just saw them on it. Ick. I wish everyone could get paid for wearing skinny suits and saying unfunny stuff. He’s not good. But I’m learning in life that untalented people somehow get fired up. Why is it that the crappiest of employees never get fired? Like if Joel McHale got hired to be the face of E!, I wouldn’t be surprised. At all. I would say that he had to sleep with the right person to get there, but it wouldn’t shock me. One bit.

Hangnails hurt. I’ve googled treating them and I’ve tried what the google recommends, but they’re still there!!! I might need to start putting jalapeno juice on my fingers so I leave them alone. I have weird habits when I think. I stick my tongue out all the dang time. That’s why my lips are chapped so much. I make faces that I cannot explain. I need a self-shocking collar to shock myself out of the dumb habits I’ve formed. I need to invent the mind reading shock collar. Yes! Don’t steal my idea, people.

Ouch I have cramps. Stupid PMS. If you’ve never had the PMS, I equate it to someone tying a string around my uterus and ovaries and other innards and then tying the other end to their douch-mobile and then popping the clutch over and over. I’m a firm believer that gay people are born this way, so why doesn’t God take the fact that our reproductive systems might be completely useless and give us the option when we’re 21 years old of either keeping them or losing them when we pee one day.

Anyway, my brain is literally exhausted. I see spots when I look up. Not black spots. Colored ones. Like laser beams. It would probably be cool if I did drugs or something, but I don’t, so it’s just weird. Anyway, goodnight errybody. And thank you again for your help with the MS walk.

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