Monday, February 11, 2013

I Can't Control My Eyebrow

I’m writing this with the Bachelor on to my left, the washer and dryer behind me, and a cough that won’t stinking stop. Ahhhhh!!! At least Alicia Keys is still hot. 

1.     “I can’t control my eyebrow.” – Tierra

Is it a coincidence that there is a reindeer named Cupid and that the Valentine’s Day guy is also named cupid? Does Santa have a monopoly on the holiday character business? Is Cupid overworked and underpaid? I feel bad for Cupid. On the upside if Cupid the Reindeer is also the bow and arrow shooting guy, he’s pretty lucky to have an opposable thumb, right?

I drive a Mazda CX-5. Yesterday I go to start my car and it did nothing. It’s a push button start, so I thought maybe the battery died in the remote. But it’s supposed to have some backup thing in it where if you touch it to the button, the car will still start. That didn’t happen. So what in the crap is wrong with it? I was in too awful of a mood to go get it fixed today, so I will try again tomorrow.

I’ve not been feeling great lately. So Walgreens has been my saving grace. It’s a drug store, right? So when I go in there to buy medicine, as Walgreens is so conveniently there for me to do, why do I always get stuck behind the man who does his grocery shopping at Walgreens and all of the sudden has the need to sign up for the Walgreens card? I have stood there literally gagging on my coughing that I’m holding in while dumb man in front of me tries to remember his stupid cell number or email address or whatever it is. So irritating! And the cashier calls out “IC3” which I assume means that there are a lot of people in line and help is needed, but it never happens quickly? I don’t get it. Walgreens saves my life and drives me insane all at the same time.

My lips hurt. I will not be walking over to Walgreens for lip stuff. I ran out of patience at WalMart earlier. I have no more to give. That is all for now.