Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pretty random

I’m a slacker and I know it. I have no excuse, so I won’t try and make any up. I’ve been preoccupied. Lots of stuff going on in these parts and I suck at life for not making time to write about them.

So, let’s see. I did the big lesbian festival a couple Sunday’s ago. It went pretty OK. I got my sunburn that I put the pic of. Then some of you were kind enough to make what were meant to be rude comments about my back. Here’s a lesson for you, haters. That stuff doesn’t bother me. Would you rather I have a back of fat rolls? A toned back doesn’t make you manly, so I wasn’t offended by your comments that were intended to offend. Sorry ‘bout ya. Try harder next time.

On a lighter note, I came in my living room where the Billboard Music Awards are on. My car has been respectfully named Kelly Clarkson since 2012 now. But there’s a very slight chance that the name may be changing. Here are the options I just decided on. These aren’t very well thought out at all, but it’s OK.

Miranda Lambert and/or Carrie Underwood’s thighs
Not Lorde

This may sound a little beeyotchy, but do you think Chrissy Teegan or whatever her name is gets sick of the John Legend “All of Me” song? It’s so sweet….I know. I love it. I love the idea and meaning behind it. If I could write like that and play an instrument and stuff, I would in a heartbeat. But come on. Be honest. If she’s in the car by herself and that song comes on for the hundred millionth time just to put it on another station and another to another for it to be there still, isn’t she just like “OMG. I get it.” And if she’s this hot person or whatever…I don’t personally find her attractive, but I may be the minority because she’s doing something right…some part of her has to want like a “Talk Dirty” kind of song. Maybe I should stop thinking about this and move onto something a little more productive.

To all the Tegan and Sara fans out there, yes. I did join the SCS. Have I gotten my sash and patches yet? No. I’m waiting. I will tell you loud and proud when they finally come. Maybe someone can iron my patches onto my sash for me. I think the stupid fancy iron I bought is broken because it just turns off even if I don’t unplug it or push any buttons or anything. I don’t understand it.

If you haven’t purchased the new Jason DeRulo album yet, I suggest it. I love that dang With The Lights On song. I wanna do it with my Nike’s on and the lights on and other stuff on. I forgot what else he wants on. He’s not signing to me, so I don’t really need to remember. Oh, we can record it with my iPhone 5. I do remember that. And there’s a song about a booty like bubblegum that I like, too. I don’t have a booty like bubblegum, so he’s not singing that to me, either. But if I did have a booty like bubblegum, I would pop it like bubblegum. I also got the Miley Cyrus album. I’m not shamed to admit it. I really like it/ That SMS song with Britney is great. And FUH. There’s some other ones, but I’m not familiar with them yet. Plus, I’m on antibiotics. If it works for Al, that can work for me.

On an honest serious or whatever note, an update. I guess it worrisome that my weight continues to drop. So on Tuesday they’re doing a stomach scope. I’m not excited about it one little bit, but I’ve got no appetite. And when I do eat, it comes back up. That’s gross and not healthy and just not OK, so maybe they can figure out something on Tuesday. Or not. We will see. Either way, they’re putting me under and sticking a tube down some part of me. I’ll let you know how that goes.