Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tomorrow's kinda a big deal...

Kidd’s Kids Day is tomorrow and man…that’s a LOT of pressure. Every year we say it’s the BIGGEST trip ever because every year it is. This year there are 60 kids and families planning on going to Walt Disney World for the experience of a lifetime and, well, we need the money to pay for it.

I’ve got my checkbook right next to me and I could pay for the trip, but I doubt Mickey takes post-dated checks that will never go through. That means that if these kids are waiting on me to pay for the trip, we’re all in a lot of trouble because there’s gonna be a lot of sad faces come November. I know there are a lot of charities out there that you could choose to donate your money to and I know that I’m biased, but hear me out on this.

When you think back on life, what do you have? Memories. I hope that most of them are good ones, but for a lot of the kids that have been chosen to go on the trip this year and every year, their memories are consumed with doctors visits and hospital stays. Holidays stuck in the confines of a hospital room, probably feeling guilty because your family is there with you.

And then you move on to the siblings of the kids. You know that kids compete for attention, so it’s got to be really hard when you’re the sibling of a chronically or terminally ill child and have no choice but to take the back seat a lot of times because your brother or sisters health has to come first. Of course you’re gonna feel resentment and jealousy. As you grow up, you probably feel guilt with that. Just a whole range of emotions that kids shouldn’t have to deal with in any way.

Then you think about the parents of the kids who have to try and figure it all out. Normal finances, jobs, home life, marital relationships, balancing the kids, medical bills, the stress of having a sick child, and everything else. It’s got to be utterly exhausting. I know that being the mom of healthy kids has to be exhausting, so add the emotional rollercoaster of an illness to that and it must be just overwhelming. Hearing your baby cry because they have to be poked with another needle or stay the night in the hospital again. You try to be the brave one and say that it’s all going to be okay, but is it? I’m sure that somewhere in the back of these parents mind they have to wonder if they can keep the pieces together like this. It’s a lot to take in and everyone deserves a break.

I know that a few days at Disney World does not cure any illness, but it does a whole lotta healing for the spirit. That can be better than any medicine sometimes. This trip gives kids and families something to look forward to and then something to look back on. Smiles and laughs and once in a lifetime experiences that come without the worries that they’re used to. This trip is designed so that they don’t have to so much as pay for an ice cream cone while they’re in the park. It’s THAT stress free. When we get to surprise the families with the news that they’re going on the trip, we tell them that they just need to pack undies, socks, shoes, and shorts, because we’ve got the rest covered. Hats, shirts, and everything else…and it’s all because of your donations and the fantastic partnerships Kidd’s Kids has with companies like Southwest Airlines and Raising Canes. But it’s like we’ve said on the air time and time again, it’s the few dollars here and there that really add up. So don’t feel like your $10 doesn’t matter because IT DOES. It truly does. Think about it. When you go to Wal-Mart and your kid wants a $10 toy, you don’t hesitate to say no because a $10 toy every time you go to the store really adds up. Just like these donations! Think about it that way. Nothing is too big or too small. We’ll take your big checks, too. Gladly.

If you want to make an impact that you can actually hear on the radio in November, make sure to help us out tomorrow. There are too many ways to donate for me to try and explain them all, so just bookmark KiddsKids.com. You can see pics of past trips, videos, and keep up with events going on throughout the year. And tomorrow isn’t the only day you can donate. You can give anytime. Tomorrow is just the one show a year we dedicate to raising money for the trip. I’m pretty proud of a couple things you will hear tomorrow, so please make sure you’re listening. Since Kidd is not here to issue one anymore, I will go ahead and say this ahead of time. Mascara alert on a couple of things. Worthwhile, though. I promise.

Long story short. Tomorrow. KiddsKids.com. Kidd’s Kids Day 2014. Come on. Make this trip happen.