Thursday, March 27, 2014

More TBT

Did you love the Cher-E-Oke bit we had on the show today? Or maybe you missed it? This crap was hard for me to edit, so I’m posting it to make sure it gets heard as many times as possible. I hope you enjoy it. Cher fans might be the best ever.

Also, in honor of Throw Back Thursday…and to not humiliate myself on my page, here’s an old pic of me. Dear lord I don’t know how I think when it comes to the way I look sometimes. Most times. Luckily I’m comfortable in my own skin now. I cut my hair a lot when I was younger…And yes. My shirts IS inside out and this IS an overall dress.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Just a bunch of randoms...

It's official. My obsession with Tegan and Sara has gone too far? How do I know this? Well, when my friend Steve texts me a picture of their album cover and wishes me a happy early St. Patricks Day from Tegan and a pic of's gone too far. Is it unhealthy for someone above the age of 19 (the last year the word "teen" is in your age) to love a celebrity or band this much? I can't go to their show in Dallas in May, so I want to go somewhere and see them. Ahhh. I should just OWN this. What's wrong with me finding joy in someone else's success? Absolutely nothing. That's what.

Wanna know how I've been spending my spare time? Rekindling my obsession with Buzzfeed and other sites like it. I figured I could share some of the stuff I've read in case you don't keep up.

1. Being an animal lover is one thing, but this article gets into the traits that may take animal loving too far. There's nothing wrong with loving your animal this much. My cat is the only living organism I converse with in person on most days after work. I love him. What are your thoughts?

2. In the same realm of conversation, this IS soooooo true.

3. Who doesn't love looking at pictures of animals. I just cleaned out my iPhoto and saw the pic of my face right after my tumor was spotted and I had a reaction to something. I'm not sure what. Here's a picture of that. I post it only so you know I sympathize with these bee stung puppies.

4. This one hit a little too close to home for me. I do not fit ALL of the qualifications of an over thinker. But being like 16 out of 18 is likely not a good sign.

I've also taken songs and made them into my own personal pick up paragraphs that will go unused. 
Here's one example.

"You remind me of something...I don't know what it is. You should show me back up in the hotel room. All you have to do is put your panties to the side. Please. And thank you. "

Like I said, I won't actually say this seriously, but sometimes I make myself giggle. This made me giggle at myself. The thought of these words coming out of my mouth. And the certain rejection that would follow. Good thing I'm not looking to be a dirty, bed hopping tramp. 

Here's another one.

" Why don't you come sit in my lap and tell me what you're thinking."

Ewwwwww Shanon. I cannot believe I would even share that. But I did. 

There's a lot of power in the delete or backspace button. I just can't seem to find the power in my finger to press it. 

In the spirit of it being Spring Break and lots of people traveling, I thought I would share a couple of ideas and thoughts. 

On airplanes that have first class, is it insulting for us coach passengers to see the flight attendant close that curtain to divide first class and coach? I was in row 7 a couple weeks ago and the curtain hit my foot as she closed it. No excuse me or nothing. Am I really THAT second class?

Also, how do you feel about an airline that is adults only? Would it ever make it? Flying is an uncomfortable thing. It makes your ears hurt and your face want to explode. So I get why babies cry. But getting it and wanting to listen to it for an 800 mile trip are different. I've learned to sleep through it (as long as I have a window seat), but I know a lot of people can't do that. 

February is the shortest month of the year, so do you feel jipped when you have to pay all of your bills that are the same in February as they are in a month with 31 days? I do. I protest. 

And, in closing, I also made this note in my phone. "I'm not the best...I'm just better." If I know me it's a song lyric. But I must have typed it in my phone for a reason, so there ya go. I'm better. Than what? Boiling water on a 100 degree day? Sure. Why not. 

And with that I say that my antidepressant is kicking in and making me sleepy. So I spell check and post and go to bed. Goodnight!