Monday, February 8, 2016

I might be a business GENIUS!

I went to church with Meagan yesterday and I learned a few things totally unrelated to the Bible. Did you know that a lot of states have their own way of finding out how long winter will last? They don’t depend on the groundhog in Pennsylvania. One state has a woodchuck they count on. His name is Chuck. I had no clue!

I also learned that the word tabernacle means place of worship. I guess I kind of already knew this, but now I know it for sure.

I have a GENIUS idea for a kid’s game. Seriously. I don’t know what to do with it, though. It’s not an original idea, but another idea rebranded for a completely different age group. So, what now? Parents will thank me for this if I figure it out. So, if you know what I can do, let me know. FOR REAL.

This weekend I’m going to be the DJ and emcee at Cupid’s Chase Dallas. It’s a 5K at Bachman Lake and the money benefits people with disabilities. I can’t do the run while I’m being all fun and stuff at the tent, nut if you care to run it, you can still sign up. Or if you want to just donate to the cause and come hang out and stuff, you can also do that. Here’s the link.

I made a tough decision a few weekends ago. I might have already told you this, so if I’m repeating myself, I’m sorry. If I haven’t, then I’m excited to announce this HUGE news. I’ve decided on my favorite packaged condiment. Jack In The Box Taco Sauce. It’s delicious on everything. Seriously. It’s also instant heartburn.

I have something to admit about church yesterday. I took a picture of one of the worship leaders because I thought Kellie would think he was cute. I’m pretty sure he’s married. I don’t want them to hook up or anything. I was just like, Hey! He’s cute! Kellie would think he’s cute AND he likes Jesus. I should take his picture! So I did, but I guess God didn’t approve because it wasn’t even a good enough picture to show.

We learned about Hebrew in the Bible yesterday in church. What about it? I will tell you. Not to let your heart harden. That’s what I got from it. It was hard to focus because the kid in front of us was drawing and he tried to put a pencil in his eye. And there was a guy in the crowd who would answer all of the questions the minister would rhetorically ask. I have to admit that had we been anywhere else, I would have answered in the opposite way just to spite that guy. He was like the howling guy on the Super Bowl last night. But in church. He was nonstop and I couldn’t let it go.

It was cool, though. I like the music they play.

You want to know what’s funny? There’s these neighbor people on the street that call code compliance for EVERYTHING. If we leave the recycle bin out too long on accident, we have code compliance sitting outside the first minute possible. It’s a stay at home mom and I know she’s busy with a little boy running around, so I don’t know how she has time to bother with sitting on the phone with the city. However, she does.

They just got new neighbors and I’m wondering how it’s working for them. These neighbors are less than ideal for nightmares like them. They were outside having an all nighter the day after MLK Day. They have a fire pit outside and play classic rock songs loud enough that I can hear them a couple houses down. They’re not rude about their noise, it just carries. And these neighbors are incapable of minding their business, so I’m almost surprised the cops haven’t been called yet. How do you deal with the neighbor that has seriously NOTHING BETTER TO DO than find reasons to complain about you? It’s seriously insane. Is there a law that says they can’t have their Christmas lights up anymore? They do. I need to look that up in the code handbook today.

Do you ever want to ask someone “Why do you do these things?” Except you can’t because then things will just get even worse? So you want someone else to ask that person why they do those things for you? Is there someone you want to ask that question to? I can ask for you. Maybe. Unless it’s really awkward. Like if someone is stealing your sandwich at work and you want help asking them WHY… or if they keep using the last bit of toilet paper and REFUSE to replace it…WHY? Lemme know! Maybe I can help!

Oh! I have another idea! But this isn’t a product. It’s a business idea. So if you know how to get this one up and running, let me know. Thanks.

And I do still DJ.