Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year, New Blog!

I’ve said for a long time that all of my people love ranch dressing and I do still stand by that statement. I made a bold decision over the weekend, though. The kids wanted Jack in the Box for lunch on Saturday, so we went. I don’t eat there often, but I realized that when I do, I ALWAYS do one thing. It doesn’t matter what I get. A hamburger, fries, tacos…anything. I always put their taco sauce on it. Therefore I am hereby proclaiming that Jack in the Box taco sauce is my favorite pre-packaged and sealed condiment.

After making that known I feel such relief. Whew.

It’s sort of sad, but I got a new phone and I lost a lot of great thoughts. Most of them were pointless, but they were great, too. I will think of something and make a note of it in my phone. I had to replace my iPhone after many years and when I went to back it up before replacing it, I did it all wrong. I lost every contact I had. I don’t know where I backed up what content I did save. It’s OK, I guess. I should think of new thoughts. Or learn how to do things right sometimes.

I did get to kick off 2016 as the official DJ for the Kellie Rasberry New Years Eve party. I earned my money at that party. It was a tough crowd! The station hosting it is 106.1 KISS FM, so we play top 40 music. You know, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and that kind of modern stuff. I worked hard before the party and put together 19 hours of music that included a ton of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. I was less than prepared when people came up to me after the dinner portion of the party and said, and I quote, “My wife and I are worried that we might break a hip dancing to this. Can you play some disco or some polka, please?”

I wasn’t prepared for disco hits or polka.

Well, maybe some disco. Not polka. So, it was time to regroup. Thank goodness I had some old school hits in my pocket that everyone loves. I don’t think any hips were broken or even dislocated. Kellie did give a veteran in a wheelchair and his service dog a lap dance. She also stopped a line dance for a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. She needed to tell the women right then that it’s ok to be WT. Take your shoes off like she did. (I love Kellie). She insisted that I play the Electric Slide and I swear to you that is the second time in my life that anyone has ever requested that song. I don’t think she finished the dance, BTW. It’s OK, though, as long as everyone had fun.

That was how 2016 kicked off. It was with a kiss, which made me very happy. I am very lucky, which also makes me very happy.

Do I have resolutions? I suppose so.
-       I have decided that I don’t like enough people, so I’m the problem. Instead of thinking about why I don’t like them, I’m trying to start thinking of the reasons why people might like or dislike me. I still need to respect a person, so if there’s no respect, there’s no chance of me liking them EVER.
-       I want my arms to be defined again. My left arm cramps up a lot, so I want to work on that one a lot.
-       I would like to and have been asked to blog more often. It feels good to do this, so I don’t know why I have stopped putting in the effort. I’m going and going so much more now days, it’s hard to sit down and think and type sometimes. I need to just do it. I will.
-       I’m going to shave my cat once a month. He’s too hairy and I don’t pet him enough because of it. I’m going to give him cool hairstyles, too. It’s been resolved.
-       I’m going to learn to let things go better than I do, be more patient, and pick my battles. I have to.
-       I’m going to learn common core math. It’s a must at this point in my life! Layla is in 4th grade, Jacob is in 2nd, and Peyton is in kindergarten. It’s like going through elementary school all over again!
-       I am going to learn balance and keep it. I have to.

Those are the big ones. I’ve got others, like less guilt if I buy myself a new pair of shoes or something. I think I drive myself crazy a lot and I need to work on that.

I need to replace my car battery. It just dies the other day and so I charged it with my portable jump starter and it’s been OK mostly. I googled it and it says that batteries last about 4 years. My car is a 2013 that I got in June or July 2012, so it’s almost 4 years old. If I can jump my car battery, I can probably replace the thing, too, right?

Wanna know how much I’ve saved with the Cartwheel app this year? $143.87! That’s a lot, huh?

I guess that’s all the blogging I have in me for the moment. My nose is so runny today and it’s just stupid. The kids had strep throat and an ear infection last week, but they’re better this week. Poor Peyton was the only kid who wasn’t complaining, but she was the one with the highest fever. I guess Meagan and I are immune to the strep, though, because we seem to be OK. (knocking on wood).

I will see you soon. Making new notes in the iPhone. Happy 2016.