Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hate sucks

I left work a little early today because we have some sick kids who need to see the doctor and the doctor doesn't have many appointments open today. So we gotta get them in when we can.

While I was driving, I realized that people are talking about the Charleston shooting all over the place, but I don't think we mentioned it at all. Then I started thinking about the struggle we have always had with tragic events like this. What's the right way to handle it?

You see #CharlestonShooting everywhere. It would be our obligation to give details if we were there in Charleston at the time of the shooting and we could help find the suspect. We weren't, though.

It's no secret that everyone on the show is just as vulnerable to emotion as anyone else. We're human! None of us encourage hate or tolerate discrimination. If anything it's looked down on if there's someone who tries to present them self as better than another person. We all pee in the same toilet, honey. Deal with it.

With that in mind, isn't it mind blowing that it's 2015 and we live in a society that is still stupid enough to hate? At this point it's beyond ignorance because ignorance can be changed through knowledge. People can steal and ruin your identity through information stored in a cloud with that acquired knowledge, but a group of people can't go to church and worship their God because someone is just stupid.

Hate is not a mental illness. It is closed mindedness and the inability to coexist with people different than you. Scary because a world full of "you" is a world full of hate. That's hell on earth.

I think it was yesterday I posted that I hope stupidity isn't genetic. I truly do. I also hope that kids today have the strength of character to make their own judgments and decisions about right and wrong. I'm willing to admit that I'm flawed and that if I gave birth, I would hope that my OCD tendencies didn't get passed along. Same with my A.D.D. I'm sure there's more, but we can start with those two.

If you spend 18 years of your child's life only taking left hand turns, how is your kid going to know about right turns? How are they gonna know that if you miss a turn, sometimes blocking around to the right is a smarter way to get back where you're going? It makes no sense to be so rigid and closed to the idea of even considering the idea of going right instead of left. Pointless.

I saw a Tylenol commercial the other night that said its not WHO you love, it's HOW you love. These words cut right to the heart of so much that is wrong with the world today. Some would say I'm supposed to walk the earth alone instead of love another person of the same sex. Some would say I'm disgusting and have no morals. Why? I don't know. I'd say that these people should look in the mirror and consider their own actions for half a second. Im pretty sure that your God that you preach so loudly says not to judge, so perhaps you should google the word hypocrite. It will teach you some things.

I'm not so naive that I think that everyone in the world should hold hands and be best friends. Believe me. I would rather put needles in my eyeballs than be stuck in a room with some people. I don't sit around and preach contempt, though. That's unfair. Nor would I ever physically harm another person because of our differences. I may want to punch someone in the throat occasionally, but I wouldn't do it. It's not my place or your place or anyone else's place to tell another person who to be, who to love, what to think, or how to live. If you do choose to teach hate, I hope you do it on your way to build your glass house. We should all be able to look in on the life of a saint anytime we want.