Monday, March 4, 2013

Airplanes and Toyotas...oh my!

Today’s song is…Eminem and D12- “My Band.” You know that one? My blog, my blog, my blog, my blog, my blog, my blog, my bloooooooogggggggg… Haha. I love you, Jose Chavez.

Lots of random stuff to put into your pretty little head today. I hope you’re ready for this.

Do birds get cold? Poor little birds all out in the cold and stuff. They can’t have fat on them to keep them warm. They fly in all kinds of weather. I live in the south and it still gets chilly down here. So how do birds not get hypothermia? I don’t get it.

On an airplane I can’t help but ask…why do people sit in a window seat if they’re not gonna look out? Or put the little shade down? At least during take-off and landing. I prefer a window seat. Mostly because I’m that girl who passes out as soon as we reach like 1,000 feet and I like having the side of the plane to lean on. Napping in the middle or aisle seat isn’t gonna happen. So knowing that there are people who prefer that seat and knowing that you don’t and you can request a different seat, why do they keep the window seat? I’m just wondering…I guess I could just as easily ask to change my seat, but I fly standby, so I have to be happy with any seat on the plane as long as I’m on it. So give me a break, people!!!

Orange Starbursts are wasted on me. They’re awful! If I was Starburst, I would sell just red and pink packages. And maybe even an occasional yellow. But orange? I could send orange Starbursts to starving kids in other countries, but I don’t eat them very often because the orange ones are there. Ditch the orange, Starburst. Come on!

Oh. And one other comment about flying. I know just as well as everyone else that it’s unnecessary to have all portable electronic devices powered off and stowed away during take off and landing. I get it. I, too, would love to turn around and tell the pushy flight attendant to just shut it. So do me a favor, rule breakers. If you’re gonna keep your portable electronic devices powered on when you fly, at least HIDE IT! Please. The quicker the flight attendant does that safety demo that nobody pays attention to (admit it. You know I’m right…), the quicker we can take off and get where we’re going. And then we won’t have to be cooped up in a plane with people who deny the power of deodorant, or those who think that Subway is appropriate airplane food, or that screaming baby (I know parents try and calm them down. I do. But that doesn’t make the screaming any more bearable while it’s happening), or the armrest hog, or the person with the smokers cough who refuses to cover their mouth. You get what I’m saying. Do us all a favor and at least lock your screen while they do the final walk through. Please.

I’ve done a lot of research on what I’m about to say. If by research I mean noticing in the conditions that surround me. I now know who the worst and rudest drivers and parkers are in this world. Toyota drivers. I’m sorry. And I know you’re getting all defensive now saying “I drive a Corolla and I’ve never hit anybody or got a ticket or blah, blah, blah.” Yes. There are exceptions. However, generally speaking, the drivers who usually piss me off the most are in Toyotas. I think that Toyota should offer driving courses upon the sale of a car. And manners lessons. Don’t double park. Don’t drive the wrong way down an aisle to steal that spot. Don’t be that person who sits there blocking the aisle with your blinker on waiting for the spot occupied by the woman with 19 kids and 97 bags of groceries. Move on! Please. Anyway, that’s how I feel about that.

And lastly. Do you want to buy a St. Patricks Day t-shirt I made on my laptop? The saying is NOT original…at all. But I put it all together. I will put a pic on here and then if anybody wants to order one, get a price and see if its even possible. Maybe Toyota drivers will buy lots of shirts to make up for sucking on the road. Maybe.

That’s all for now. I have to go and see how Tierra lights up the room when she walks in.

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