Monday, April 21, 2014

More life lessons....

-Respect isn’t given, but it’s earned. Just because you walk into my life with a clean slate does not mean that I’m obligated to respect that clean slate. Same goes for me. I don’t expect you to respect me until you know me. Why would you? Why would I (at least if I’m in my right mind) expect you to? Why would I want you to? If I don’t have to EARN a spot in your life, I probably don’t want to be in your life. I’m nobody’s time killer or boredom solution. I want a bigger role than that and I want you to want that of me. It’s respect reciprocated.

- Pace your goals. You never want to catch yourself in a position of asking yourself “now what?” I don’t want to say don’t fall victim to your own success, but that’s kind of what it is. Unless that success makes you wildly rich and then you can spend your resources doing good for the world. I’m not there. I’ve done the job I grew up wanting, I live in a cheap apartment, and I ask myself all the time “Now what?”

-       Love is truly the greatest gift ever. It can hurt worse than any physical pain in the world, but it can also lead your world in the right direction. I’m talking about self love along with the ability to love other people.
-       Find people who will love and support you through your worst instead of use it as an excuse to run.
-       Have people in your life who make themselves available when you’re willing to be vulnerable enough to say “I need you.”
-       Yeah, it’s great to look good. But what about putting in the work behind it? You think about the guy who steals the $100,000 car and feels like such a bad ass driving it, but what did he do to earn that spot in the drivers seat? A whole lot of nothing. And that makes him nothing more than a piece of crap for not walking the walk. Earn your place in this world. People might pretend to turn a blind eye to it, but we’re not all as stupid as we might be forced to act as we are. Sorry, but it’s true. Maybe you’re the dumb one after all.
-       There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know that you’re loved. It comes in a lot of ways. Whether it be a first thing in the morning text letting you know you’re the first thing on their mind or a random card sent just because you want them to know they’re thought of. There’s a lot to be said for the act of loving another person. In my mind, it really is what makes life worthwhile. Self-love is imperative. Don’t get me wrong. But to be able to share yourself with others is the best! I mean it really, really is. I’m sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes because I realize that I’m missing so much of that in my life. There are a love of people that I love, especially since there are so many levels and types of love. But do I have that “I love you” text or call that’s the last thing I see or hear at night? That warm feeling to fall asleep with? And it’s not a “love u.” I can’t even get into this. I’m willing to share just about anything, but this makes me have that lump in my throat that won’t go away and I’m not in a place to handle that feeling at the moment. I’m sorry.
-       Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And take note of those who are willing to give it. Make a note in all caps and in bold of those who offer help and actually follow through with it. It takes a special kind of friend to keep their word…especially when you don’t beg them to do something in the first place. Make a mental note of that.

I have more, but I have to tread lightly on some of them. SO I guess I will do that. Meanwhile. I will post this flyer for the music fest I’m hosting on May 4.  It’s in Dallas and you can get tickets here.


  1. Just keep looking up.....and moving forward!!! That is all you can do girl!

  2. You were great at Sue Ellen's. I watched you, listened to you. It was the first time I ever heard you DJ. Keep it up!