Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wanna help with the show??

Hey guys! Maybe you’ve realized by now that this show doesn’t do itself. And I can’t have Alex the Intern getting more airtime than me. So let’s do some bits. My brain has so many ideas in it, but I need your help making this stuff happen.

Hello friends. I've got a couple of ideas that I need your help on.
I need senior citizens I can turn to for random stuff. Maybe I can get their opinions on pop culture. Maybe they can recite lyrics to dirty songs for me. Maybe they can watch viral videos and do a play-by-play type thing. A retirement home mole? Or maybe they have a love story that the world needs to hear. You get the idea. I need dependable senior citizens. PRIVATE MESSAGE ME if you can set me up with someone.

Does your loved one need an intervention? Not a serious one for drugs or alcohol or anything. Maybe they're addicted to an app. Maybe it's a stupid TV show. You get it? I'm not a pro, but we can make a bit out of it. PRIVATE MESSAGE ME the info.

I would like to learn Spanish without having to pay for Rosetta Stone or whatever. Do you know someone who is fluent, has a good sense of humor, and lots of time on their hands? PRIVATE MESSAGE ME.

Something that I’ve never really had to deal with because I come to work at 4AM and leave by 1 at the latest is TRAFFIC. It’s horrible in some parts of town. There must be something I can do with either the construction workers standing around adjusting their junk or people sitting in traffic or SOMETHING.  Maybe like a road rage radio bit or something. What would you enjoy hearing in this situation? Or is it just dumb?

I need to get back into this DJ thing. I FINALLY have speakers, so I can do jobs and not have to borrow stuff! Whoo hoo!! In order to book stuff, I need to market myself. If you were me, what would you do?

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