Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Since I was just sitting in the airport....

Hi. So I'm sitting in Kansas City...at the airport known as MCI...waiting on a delayed flight home. I just have a couple things to say about this. First, I wish I drank coffee because the lady working at the Starbucks sounds exactly like Bon Qui Qui. I'd record her talking if I had a clever way to start a conversation with her. But I don't. Secondly, this airport ranks in my bottom 5. I'm in a long distance relationship. It's a lot of flying to see one another, but well worth it. But if I could choose airports NOT to go through, they would include DFW, Houston Hobby, Kansas City, and Orlando. I'm not decided on the 5th worst yet. If I could choose my faves, they would be Dallas Love Field, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, and I'm not sure on the 5th fave. So if you ever wanna give me plane tickets or whatever, please be mindful of the airports I don't like. 

Speaking of flying. I just got off of the first plane and felt like I couldn't get far enough away from the guy next to me. He looked nice and clean cut and stuff, but when he sat down he sneezed into one hand, coughed into the other, wiped his nose, and then picked his teeth. People cough and sneeze. I get it. But do it into your shirt or in the fold of your arm. If your nose needs wiping, be a civilized human and do it with something other than the fingers you're about to touch our shared armrest with and then the air vent. And if you have something in your teeth, go to the bathroom and pick it out or something. Especially if you're going to pick it out, look at it, and then flick it. I saw a guy doing the same thing in the food court the other day, too. I dislike them on spec. I judge their dirtiness and lack of courtesy for things that other people see and touch. For the love of teddy bears boys....you're gross!!

Lesson learned the hard way after the 10-mile canoe trip yesterday. Paddling makes you shift left and right a lot. And my sensitive pastry butt is paying the price. It hurts like I'm pouring a constant flow of alcohol over an open wound. I went to the Dollar General earlier and got some butt paste. It's on there. But holy crap my butt hurts. 

I feel really bad for the man sitting in the airport chairs in front of me. His wife won't stop nagging. I'm sure he deserves it, but can't they text argue? 

I tweeted on posted a FB message the other day apologizing for the Chloe bit I wrote not going well. Most people replied back that it was funny anyway and they enjoyed it. But then there's that occasional jerk who uses that moment when you're down to lash out and diminish your creative talent altogether. Here's what I say to one particular guy. I don't see you offering up anything better since I suck so bad. So unless you can give constructive criticism or offer up some kind of solution to what I'm doing wrong, you can just suck it. I don't care what you suck on. As long as its not attached to me. I have thoughts in my head where to go with this, but I will keep those to myself. Because if I start my list of things for you to suck on, I'm no better than you. 

I enjoy Diet Pepsi a lot. Probably way too much. Just saying. 

Another thing about this airport. What in the crap were they thinking when they built this place? You have to go out of security to eat anything other than Quiznos, Starbucks, some meat place, or some overpriced little market. And there might be a grand total of 6 women's bathroom stalls on this side. So the wait is long. And it sucks when the maintenance lady is in the corner on her phone talking about the terrible smell in the bathroom instead of doing something about it. When I came through here on Thursday, there wasn't a drop of soap to be found. It baffles me how people who consistently suck at doing the easiest of jobs stay employed. I mean good for them for having a paycheck coming in instead of just using welfare or whatever, but at least TRY and LOOK like you might possibly potentially care. 

I know I'm griping a lot. I'm hormonal and tired. All I want is food in my mouth at all times. But then I obsess over it and it wears me out. And brings me down. So I'm gonna need for some doctor or something to decide that I don't need my reproduction system, give me some sleepy time whatever gas or IV, and rip 'em out. Please. And thank you. 

Is Butt Paste better than Desitin? It costs more for less of it at the Dollar General, so I'm assuming it is. 

Do you ever wonder how and why some people pick their ringtones and don't get embarrassed when they ring out loud? Or is that just me?

So I just looked at an update on my flight delay. It was arriving home at midnight. Now it's 11:50. I'm gonna call that progress. 

I think I'm gonna go put on my dirty Nike sweat pants and try and nap the beeyotch out of my system. Cuz dang I don't even like my head right now. 

Oh. And one more thing. Tuna fish sandwiches stink! So please ask me before you sit down next to me and eat one. I wish the guy next to me was reading my blog right now.

Dirty sweats on. Pillow out. Time to check out. 

It’s the next day now. The Wi-Fi in the airport wasn’t strong enough to let me post. And when I got home I was beat. So I went to bed and waited until now to post. Sorry I’m lazy. I’m putting this out there for you and the universe to read. I’m needing a full circle happy, healthy life to look forward to. One where I keep my relationship that makes me happy, but where I can know for a fact that I can contribute what Amber deserves towards our future. I need to get to the point where I feel a sense of pride when I look at my bank account. I want to say to myself that all my years of busting ass have paid off. It’s my own stupid fault I’m where I am now. Allowing people to walk all over me. Being the caretaker and literally having my financial security and short term future sucked out of me. I’m finally taking huge steps forward in giving my heart and soul what it needs in life. It’s taken many years of bruises and abuse of my inner being to finally get to this point. I can finally say to myself in complete honesty that I deserve better than what I’ve allowed in my life. I’m disgusted with myself for not going with my gut. Because the reality of it is that had I gone with what I knew in my gut, I would have a heck of a lot less stress in life than I do now. So I’ve found love that I’ve wanted and I’m ready to finally start building that picture perfect life I deserve. I know that life isn’t perfect. But I’m also hoping that most of you aren’t “literal men and women” who are gonna give me crap for using that word. But why shouldn’t I? I’ve never even been able to accept that I’m worthy of “good enough.” Now it’s time to move on, see that I am a good person with a good heart, I work hard, I’ve shown my loyalty…now it’s time for the payoff. It’s like I’ve put together the center pieces of the puzzle…finally…and now I need to edges to keep it all together. To secure the pieces where they belong.

It will happen. I know it will. With the stuff that’s happened lately, I’ve seen the support system I’ve got in my life. It’s kind of sad to see where support did not come from, but hey. That’s life. Everybody’s got stuff going on and mine is no more important than theirs. But maybe on occasion it should be. I’ve been the person to put my feelings and selfishness aside. So now it’s  time for that good karma to come my way. But when it hits me, I hope it’s not on my butt. Beause all the butt paste I’ve applied today hasn’t helped a lot.

Thanks for reading my blogs you guys. It feels nice to know that a few of you care about what I have to say.

Goodnight. Tomorrow is HUMP DAY!! WOOT WOOT!!!



  1. Shannon, you are such an "amazing" woman. be proud of yourself and all of your c-complishments. You have lots of supporters out here that are proud of you! Thank you for letting me be in your brain. :)

  2. I am glad you are getting all this off your chest. It is good to release even if it is a blog, because we still listen. Thanks for sharing and have a great hump day.

  3. My wife and I both love your blogs and think u are awesome! I'm glad u found love, u deserve it, would love to have a off line friend like you,, u are honest, and even when u are being serious, u bring a smile to my face! Oh and I think butt paste is thicker, I got desitin for my daughter and it seemed more gooey. I hope u feel better!

  4. Shannon, long distance relationships are hard....financially and emotionally. My gf and I are going into our 2nd year, I have put over 14000 miles on my truck this last year driving to see her. I just keep repeating to myself someday!
    I agree MCI does suck big green ones! Hopefully our trip nezt week doesn't include any tuna, snot, or coughs! Lol

  5. Shanon, what an AWESOME woman you are!! Keep up the good work writing those bits!! I am glad that you found someone you love and care about!!

  6. Good morning, and great read! Welcome home. I need to read your blog page more often...made me laugh, think, and shout out an "AMEN"! Cheers to a great week. :)

  7. Bag Balm. Seriously, I know it sounds gross but it works and takes the pain away in the process. I mountain bike and I workout almost every day so monkey butt is a constant...I use bag balm and it works. :) Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself(advice i should probable follow myself). You deserve all the best. You deserve all the best and then some despite of your past...and because of it. Keep your chin up, girl. You rock!! Thanks for the laughs...and one more thing, Amber is a lucky girl.

  9. I admire your transparency about the difficult things and frustrations in life.

    To the negative people who kick you when you're down, I agree, they can suck it! My co-workers and I were talking today about the show and one thing we all agreed on was that we all enjoy hearing you on there more. Keep thinking positively Shanon!

    You have a family (of strangers across DFW...how creepy, sorry) who do care what you have to say! :)

  10. Wow! Hope your tush gets better! You are a talented big hearted smart woman. You are good enough and better than some people out there in this cruel kind of world. I love reading your blog, its nice to read because it makes me look at things in a different prospective sometimes. Glad things are coming together for you, you deserve a great life and to be happy.

  11. Good enough? Nope... you deserve much better. Glad you finally get that.

  12. You made me laugh out loud. Another thing that sucks about MCI... is WHY is it called MCI when the logos on their trashcans say KCI? KCI makes more sense, but it's pretty confusing. Have you noticed that yet?

    Oh, and I disagree about Houston Hobby. They have great restaurants. I always hope I will get stuck there so I can have an excuse to go eat at Pappadeaux and expense it. It's the little things.

  13. Good stuff Shanon!! Hope your butt gets better; ouch!