Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hi Jerkface bad driving a-hole

Just want to send a special HI to the person driving the big Chevy truck who went completely out of your way to flip me off yesterday. It wasn’t my fault that you were in the wrong lane and needed over right when I was passing you. I gave you time to get over before I passed you. You didn’t do it. So what right do you have to not only honk at me, but then you proceed to follow me into the Target parking lot, roll down your window, stick your full arm out the window, and keep it out  with your middle finger up while you drove in a circle? Yes I flipped you off back. And had I been alone in my car I would have followed you to wherever YOU were going to see if you’re capable of explaining your anger with words. If your talking skills are anywhere near as good as your driving skills or manners, then it would’ve been a waste of time. I forgive you for being such a rude ass. I’m sure it’s hard being suck a d*ck and it probably makes you tired. And I know I get a little grumpy when I’m tired, so that’s probably why you were physically assaulting me from 30 feet away. Flipping somebody off the way that you did is pretty much the equivalent of getting in my face and shoving me or something. And doing so wrongfully. Jerkface. If I come across your path again I will make sure and stay on your side so you can’t get over at all. Payback’s a beeyotch and so am I.

OK so I need a creative outlet because I have way too much brain energy. So I started making t-shirts. I like them. You might not and that’s ok. But I’m gonna try and start making and selling at least one shirt a month. Why not, right? Once I start making money off of them, I’m gonna do a charity tie in. I’m gonna post a pic of the current shirt and tell you that it’s $15 plus shipping and handling. So message me on FB if you want one. I am doing PayPal invoices for payment. Just FYI.

I noticed yesterday after being followed and flipped off by Mr. Bad driving jerkface in a pickup that my Kelly Kapowski t-shirts are now on clearance at the Target off of 635 and MacArthur in Irving. If you want one. It’s a real convo starter.

Is Casey Anthony pregnant? I pray to God not. I’m gonna wait for confirmation on this one before I go off on a rant. I will say this. I will definitely question God’s better judgement if she is. Should a convicted sex offender be able to make babies to abuse as they see fit? Not in my mind. So why should a baby killer be allowed to reproduce more babies to kill? Sickening. And if there was ever a reason to question faith, I firmly believe that would be it. But I won’t go off on that yet. I’m gonna wait.

Oh, and I’m officially going full steam ahead with this DJ thing. I just published our new website. It’s

Agirlandsomeguysdj.com. We also have a FB page under the same name. Minus the .com. So check us out. Hire us. Pay my bills!!!

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