Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween! My heart is pounding and here's why. MUSIC!

More music you should know! I might as well serve some purpose in this world, so I’ve decided that it’s to keep you posted on the music I love. I’m stealing a lot of this from that soundtrack I posted about earlier. There’s some other stuff, too, though.

Melanie Martinez- Soap
She’s a little different, but for a lot of non-judgmental people out there, there’s nothing wrong with that. For those of you who do have a problem with people who might think a little differently, I guess you can suck it.

Halsey- Gasoline
There is a bad word or two in this one. My nephew sent me the link to this song yesterday and I LOVE it. I like most of Halsey’s stuff, but this is one of my new favorites. Listen to this line. “I think there’s a flaw in my code.” Who doesn’t feel like that at some point or another? Listen to this one loud in the car while you’re alone.

Basenji- Can’t Get Enough
I feel like I shouldn’t like this for some reason, but whatever. I do. I don’t know how to explain this song. It’s just cool and light and…not moist. But I wanted to say moist for some reason. There aren’t a lot of lyrics to this song, but you can hum along to it.

JoJo- No Apologies
YES! The same JoJo that did that “Leave” song way back when is all grown up. And she’s better this time around. Seriously.

Here’s a live link- She sounds so fantastically great

Here’s the studio version

JoJo- F.A.B.

This one has bad words in it, too. This song title is short for Fake A** B**ch. Who doesn’t know one of those, right? This is what you might send in an email to someone who just sucks at life. “When they eatin’ off your plate but don’t do dishes.” How brilliant is that line?

Mike Perry- The Ocean

On the total opposite end of the spectrum is this song. It’s a dance-ish song with sweet lyrics. All about touching someone under their skin and taking someone to a place they’ve never been. Yea love, right?

Andy Grammer- Fresh Eyes

And another sweet one that maybe I don’t get. I thought it was about seeing the person you’ve loved for a while in a whole new light. But then the music video is making over homeless people. It’s cool that Andy did that for the video, but it makes me question whether or not I understand what he’s singing about. Hmmm.

Kiiara- Feels
This one has the bad language in it, too. I LOVE Kiiara. This one is different than “Gold” and hooking up with your brother in the basement since you weren’t around. This one is the sweeter side of her. Seriously. If you haven’t done it already, go to her Vevo channel and listen to her songs. So great! OK now that I mention the basement, she does mention it again in this song. But it’s not about anything even semi-incestuous.

Rihanna- Close to You

We all know how amazing Rihanna is, but sometimes her talent gets a little lost in her message. This song is Rihanna stripped down with just a piano and a couple of other sounds. The vulnerable side of Rihanna is one we can all appreciate, right?

Peter Gabriel- In your Eyes

This is a throwback song. It’s the song that I have called the best song ever for years now. I still believe it. This song fits any mood you could be in. Except maybe unless you get in a mood to go dance with glow sticks and take your shirt off. Then this one doesn’t fit. Please. Just listen to it all the way through.

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