Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kinda random, but it is Saturday..

I have seen over the past day or two just the headline of Governor Rick Perry being indicted over abuse of power or two felonies...maybe that's the same thing. I can't help but be irritated by the fact that such a person is in a position to say that I cannot get married. Is there any irony in that situation? Go ahead conservatives...get mad....

This is a little more people with accents think in accents?

I've noticed this week since I've slept long enough at one time to actually dream that I've had some weird stuff in my head. Last night I had a really weird one and I know exactly where it came from. I dreamt that I did this stunt for the show that had me flying through the air into water. I was able to fly the length of one block before I came down. I've had a lot of propelling dreams for some reason and they've all been block before I came down. But anyway. I come back to the studio and we all have lockers made of ice chests. Random. I know. And people who have never asked to see where I work and show little to no interest in my life were there with a cartoon drawing of me...but it looked nothing like me. It was supposed to be a tribute to me, but it was an insult in the end. Again, I know where this one came from...I just didn't know that this situation was apparently bugging me that much. It shouldn't be, so I gonna put a stop to that.

I went to see the neurologist on Tuesday and it was more of the same. Nothing definite. She said it's stress on top of muscle and some other stuff. She had an accent, so maybe I didn't pick up on all of it. But she added an anti-depressant to my list of meds to see if it helps. I had to walk a straight line...that was comedic. I couldn't do it. I pray to goodness that I never get asked to do a sobriety test because I will fail miserably. I'm talking fall over to the side drunk looking. We'll see if this works for the headaches. I need it to.

I know I've been doing these deep blogs about important stuff and another one is coming, but this one is just a quick update on what's going on in my head. Not too deep, though. There have been moments of utter rage, frustration, times to just step back and take the moment in, and a little bit of everything in between. That's life. And knowing that's life, I leave you with this pic I found on pinterest.

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