Monday, June 3, 2013

Big Al's brain is full....mine is just tired

Hi. It’s me again. I assume you know who I am since you’re reading this. And I appreciate that you’re taking the time out of your life to do so. Thank you. Here’s a short blog for now. I had a list of stuff I wanted to write about, but I lost it. So I’m doing this with my tired brain.

The Dish Nation make up lady committed a cardinal sin at work today. She parked in my Kellie Rasberry’s spot. It’s not assigned, but it is a well known fact that there’s an order of things at work. And changing the routine really upsets some of us. I’m a creature of habit, so having the normal parking spots disrupted seriously threw me for a loop.

Another thing I noticed today. We all use our own personal laptops at work. We haven’t had work computers in quite a while. So it was odd to me today to walk through nerdville at the office and see their bright, shiny iMac computers. They’re glorious. They put my Mac to shame. Is it considered stealing if I take their computers and move them to a place where we can use them?

The left side of my dang lip is chapped again. It’s so gross. If I was looking at me I would probably just stare at the chapped spot. I was doing SO GOOD. But then I went and ruined it for everybody.

I’ve changed up my skin care regimen and I’m not sure if I told you about it. I had my first nreak out free time of the month in May. That’s crazy nuts. You know what I use? That simple brand stuff they sell at Target. It’s AMAZING. If you need help clearing your skin up, I’d give it a shot.

I’ve decided that I need more flight attendant friends for the sake of being their buddy. Keith has me on his companion list, but I’ve decided that I would like buddy passes to use. And I need a couple for my sister and her husband. So, if you’re a lonely airline worker who wants to see your benefits put to good use, go ahead and let me know. And thanks in advance.

It’s really awkward when a woman sits out on the porch and stares at you washing your car. That happened to me today. I said hi and figured she would look away, but she didn’t/ And I know for a fact that my short shorts and white tank top were not much to look at. I might sit and stare at someone else washing their ride to see if I get anything out of it. If I do, I will let you know for sure.

I’m working on setting up a kickstarter account for my DJ stuff. I have some ideas solidified in my head. Now I need the money to make the ideas a reality. I will post the link once it’s finished and approved. And speaking of money, I posted info for a little man named Evan who needs sponsors to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Washington D.C. He still needs donations, so PLEASE look on my page and give what you can. I’d hate for him to miss out on this trip over a little bit of money. Thanks so much!!


  1. Shannon its quite impressive how hard you are working with getting your DJ business set up. I like how you are not expecting something free to happen bc of the radio connections you may have. Keep up the good work on the morning show too, we all know it wouldn't run as smoothly without ya!!!