Thursday, June 9, 2016

Prayers for Micah

Micah Ahern went on the Kidd's Kids trip with us last year. I went to the Ahern home to chat with them before the trip and they made me feel right at home. Before I left, little Eden was running around in her undies. I'm pretty sure there was an argument over queso. Nolan told me that he wanted to make sure to take his "little friends" to WDW with him. He loves reptiles. Linda and Maurice just brought Micah home from five days of isolation in the hospital and they were telling me about the restrictions he had to follow. He couldn't share food or drinks with others in the house. He couldn't use the same restroom or snuggle with mommy or daddy if he had a bad dream. But the treatment he was doing seemed to be working, so it was worth the sacrifice.

Micah went in for scans the other day and it turns out that his treatments aren't working anymore. He's going to be put on hospice soon. His family is forced to face the likely possibility that they will lose their little boy to cancer.

It's always been in the back of their minds. Linda works in health care and isn’t na├»ve enough to think that Micah is invincible. But he’s been doing so well. This just sucks.

No matter how much time you have to prep for it, losing someone you love isn’t easy. Losing a child, though. The Ahern’s have four kids total, so there are three other kids that have to wrap their heads around the idea of losing a sibling. How does a parent possibly come to terms with any of this? I don’t know.

Here’s my thought. Maybe as quickly as Micah’s scans turned bad, maybe they can turn good again. Maybe through the power of a LOT of prayer things can change again. Miracles happen every day, don’t they? Why not make one happen for Micah? It’s worth a try.

Would you please take a minute and post this link to your page. Prayers for Micah. Keep a strong little boy keepin’ on. Send some love his way and maybe the power of love and prayer can prove to be stronger than the power of medicine. Maybe?


  1. Completely heartbreaking. Prayers sent for Micah and his family!

  2. I just love super hero Micah!! He's a inspiration to us all!! I work with Linda and she is more than amazing as well!!!! Praying so hard for such an amazing family!!! Xoxox